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Lee, Jie, Lyn, and Ker
United States

Fanime! NorCal Summer! Japan Expo!

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 30, 2013, 10:09 AM

Fanime Report

FANIME FANIME FANIME! Lee, Lyn, and Ker dressed up as our LE ID characters, waited in line for a loooooong time, and attended a waltz lesson to prepare for Sunday's B&W ball!!

We all got ready in our Tales of Abyss costume (Lee as Guy, Jie as Anise, Lyn as Princess Natalia, Ker as Asch, and Karu chihan as Ion) in time for the Tales of gathering in the morning. We met so many new friends and hung out at the gathering for a bit, then rushed out to prepare / hold our "How to Pose like a Pro" panel. It was such a great success!! We added new information from last year and its even better than before! Afterwards we also had some awesome workshops and got to chat with some really cool people including DeityofShadows and anijess3 (who was dressed up as Haru from Tsuritama, Lee's FAVORITE ANIME EVER AAAA). Thank you all for coming out to support us :]

Afterwards, we grabbed some food at the food trucks parked around the convention center (Thai-Mex fusion food, what even?) and nom nom nommed. It took a bit longer than we had anticipated, and we didn't get to return to the convention center until around 3:00 PM. By then, Jie had to leave for the day, so we lost our Anise :( At around that time, we found Dan Sojian and started a Tales of photoshoot, which was tons of fun until Lee started feeling the effects of being too excited to sleep the night before and the hyper-adrenaline rush and nearly passed out. After Lyn and Ker escorted her back (making for some adorably pathetic, and completely OOC, GuyTaliAsch moments), they finished up the photoshoot and got some really cute dancing photos, Asch/Natalia shippers get excited!

After Lee had recovered, the rest of the group met up for some Indian food, and Lee and Lyn went to the B&W dance lessons to brush up on their swing in preparation for the ball the next night. Fun times :D

Jie: Sunday was ridiculous! Lee dressed up as Ping from Mulan, Jie as Lumina from FF Lightning Returns, Lyn as Princess Natalia from ToA, and Ker as Asch from ToA.

We all headed over to the creek early in the morning for photoshoots with BlizzardTerrak and :devkagelump: and met up with Cami and SamChuu from Cobalt Save Cosplay

Lee and I ran over to Bijan Bakery for some food but the line was too long so we ended up not getting our food and instead, running over to the Hub Riser Stages for Lee's Disney gathering.

The disney gathering was soo much fun and we saw so many cool cosplays (like the fantastic Ursala, and Merida from Brave, and a beautiful crossplay of Matchmaker!Mulan). Lee and I then split up to go look for our separate friends around artist alley, con entrance, and the arcade room.

Lyn: After having lunch with Ker at the park… and Ker left at 3pm forever 8C I headed over to the Artist Alley and met up with Christiiine, Lee's LA buddies, and Cobalt Save Cosplay. When 5'oclock rolled by, we all headed up to our rooms to prepare for the B&W ball! (I snuck in after :B) We all then headed over and used our new ballroom dancing skills on the floor!

My friends headed over to La Vics in search of the greatest burrito (with the secret sauce) in the neighborhood while Jie and Lee participated in the Waltz mixer. We all met up for dinner back at the hotel (omfgdeliciousburritos) and Jie left for the weekend. Lee and I went back to to the B&W ball for another 2 hours and almost died from dancing too much. Despite Sunday being super hectic, we did everything we wanted to do and got to see almost everyone we wanted to see!

Lee: I decided since I had that brush with the vasovagal attack on Saturday, I'd give Guy another chance to have the spotlight. I wandered around the con a bit to see what I hadn't yet gotten a chance to see, and was randomly hoisted onto this awesome guy's shoulders:

After wandering around a bit more and meeting up with a few relatives that had come out to Fanime, I headed back to rejoin with the group.

Lyn: After we checked out of the hotel, I wandered around the con with Liz and was finally able to see the rest of the con: the dealer's hall, gaming room, and fellow cosplayers. Lyn and Liz get owned at DDR about 20 seconds in, and went to buy consolation coffee. We all excitedly hung around to talk about next year's cosplay plans and left for the year…

Jie: Can't wait to see the con all remodeled!! Until next year Fanime!!

The rest of our con photos can be seen here! click here!

NorCal Summer Gathering

Jie: It was me and Lee's first time going to the NoCal Gathering hosted by Oscar C and Becca (Thank you so much)! Oh my god there were over 100 people there! We're DEF going to the next NorCal gathering!! hashtagexcite. We had sooo much food… hotdogs, cookies, brownies, fruits yaysomethinghealthy, chips… it was a good day :]

Lee wore her Lilith costume from Darkstalkers and I wore the BB Hood costume Lee made (also from Darkstalkers!) We had sooooo much fun doing fighting scenes and death scenes thanks to Richard Bui (Fighting scene photo will be uploaded shortly!) I somehow always pick the character that dies ;___; Thank you to all the photographers that ran around with us that day! Gatherings are SO much fun! ugh <3

Japan Expo Report

Jie: I only heard about Japan Expo 2-3 weeks before it happened… I'm glad I went! I dressed up as Rinoa from Final Fantasy on Sunday. It was pretty fun and exceeded my expectations :P The male cheerleaders was SO much fun to watch, I talked with a Japanese handbag designer Modeco International who designs handbags and wallets out of recycled material such as: floorboards, tires, and firemen uniform!! I have such a love for sustainable design! They all look really classy and stylish too (check them out). I also watched several martial arts performance, including one where they chopped big huge blocks of ice with their bare hands…. COOL! The con itself was pretty small, but I'm glad they incorporated a ton of Japan culture (not JUST cosplay!) You will be seeing me there next year ;]

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